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Real Estate Staging with Flowers.

What do thumbs, walking on two legs, and the ability to dream have in common?

They are the key factors that have allowed human beings to thrive on this planet. It's the ability to dream, imagine, and project our thoughts that make us special. We developed this skill to learn how to survive once upon a time. A roar in the distance allowed us to imagine a predator, and to take steps to avoid it now. Communication empowered us to share a vision in the minds of others, for example, the berries on the hill by the river are delicious and ripe right now. It's quite a unique, and powerfully primal ability. It secretly shapes most of the decisions we make.

One decision both our homo sapiens ancestors, and people today share, is where we make our homes. We envision a space where we feel safe and warm. A place to escape and recharge, a space to raise a family in. So then, when introducing a potential new home, it is the task of the realtor to create a perfect canvas that a buyer can imagine a happy life upon. This is the art of staging. And flowers are a vital component.

Nothing sets the scene like floral design. Bold and bright colours affect us on every level. From the conscious appreciation of a gorgeous bouquet, to the positive impact that colours have on our subconscious. They draw the eye and complement the space surrounding it. That's why floral arrangements are found in lobbies and entrances the world over. They are inviting without being loud, and use a natural approach to invoke calm and well-being. Also, strategic placement within a space can make all the difference in how the space is perceived upon the first impression, and as we all know, sometimes the first impression is all you get. A large vertical line based arrangement can lengthen a space, whereas a full round bouquet can fill a space with colour and warmth. Adding flowers to a home gives it necessary character while still being able to appeal to broad base of potential buyers. A clean, inviting home will lower the number of required viewings, and help you sell for maximum value. Flowers are an unparalleled sales tool.

Curb appeal starts, surprisingly enough, at the curb. Outdoor plants, a well-manicured lawn, full planters, and trimmed hedges promote a vision of a properly maintained and cared-for home. The same holds true for the interior spaces, use plants and arrangements to create colour palettes that evoke emotion. For example: white flowers give a calm sanctuary feel, while dark green foliage soothes warmly. Who doesn't want to live in a house full of fresh, luxurious flowers?

All of the benefits that flowers can provide in staging a home, can quickly be wiped away if you cut corners by using old, low quality, wilting, or dusty artificial arrangements. They draw attention nonetheless, and for all the wrong reasons. Making a flowers a part of your marketing budget is a high return on investment, and set your properties on another level when done right. Let us help you accomplish your goals. We're at home with flowers, let our flowers help make a home.

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