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Celebrating Mothers and Motherhood in Ottawa in 2024

By Pavel Bogdanov

The Art and Tradition of Flower Giving on Mother's DayAs Mother's Day approaches (Sunday, May 12th), the vibrant city of Ottawa prepares to honour the...

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Celebrating Valentine's Day Feb. 14th, 2024 in Ottawa

By Pavel Bogdanov

Celebrating Valentine's Day 2024 in Ottawa, Canada: Romantic Activities and Surprises Valentine's Day, a celebration of love and affection, holds a unique charm in Ottawa,...

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CCA Ottawa 2023 | Ottawa Flowers Inc.

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Stunning Flowers and Superior Service at Ottawa Flowers Inc.Ottawa’s premier florist, Ottawa Flowers Inc., offers an incredible assortment of stunning arrangements perfect for any occasion....

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What’s a good gift to send?

Question: What’s a good gift to send?

Answer: Flowers of course! There’s a primal reason that flowers are a timeless option to express your emotion. Flowers have been used as a gift for ages, as they were the first gift given for beauty’s sake alone. When someone receives a bouquet just for them it’s a pure moment. A moment that pierces the noise of busy everyday life, and shares a powerful emotion directly. That’s why sending flowers is the perfect solution for any gift giving situation. There’s no wrong size, off colour, or batteries needed. Both young and old, personal and professional, immediately and viscerally understand what you’re trying to communicate. From weddings to graduations, to get well soon, to lifting someone’s spirits, nothing does the job like a masterfully designed arrangement.

Question: What flowers do I send for a Birthday?

Answer: A birthday of a friend, lover or a family member is an important occasion. This is true especially when they are far from us and we are not able to be with them on their special day because of work or other life circumstances. However, precisely this is when sending flowers is convenient and one of the best way to convey your feelings to your loved ones. The selection of birthday flowers depends on the recipient's likes and dislikes. Usually we recommend a bright, colourful and cheery arrangement in a vase or better yet, in a crystal vase that they can re-use throughout the house. A mixed arrangement of fresh seasonal flowers and blooms would underline the importance of the occasion and bring a guaranteed smile. If you know of a particular flower type that the recipient might like, make sure to note this so the designers can create your arrangement including these flowers. For best results, stay way from elaborate, high style designs and go with simple, yet colourful solutions.

Question: Can I send flowers to Ottawa, Ontario?

Answer: You can send flowers and gifts to Ottawa by visiting our online store and selecting the item(s) you like to send. Weather it is a flower bouquet, floral arrangement or one of our gift baskets, you then need to select the desired delivery date and fill out the recipient's details like address, location and desired time of delivery. To send flowers to Ottawa for same-day delivery, you must place the order before 3 pm EST.

Question: Florist near me?

Answer: Searching for a florist near me is a popular way to find information about local florists that are close by and your vicinity. The mobile GPS function helps pin-point flower shops that are close to the customer and given the multitude of florist in Ottawa area, that would not be too far. Using different search functions to find florists that are close to you ensures that you can either order and pick up fresh flowers directly from the designers or you can place an order to be delivered later by the Ottawa florist near me.

Question: Are you a local florist in Ottawa?

Answer: Yes, we are a local florist in Ottawa with two physical location to serve you better. Initially, Ottawa Flowers was located on Montreal Road where it was first established in 1996. Currently we have two locations in Ottawa: 2000 Thurston Drive and 50 O'Conner downtown location. Feel free to call us at (613) 737-5555 for directions to our store.

Question: What kind of flowers can I purchase at your flower shop in Ottawa?

Answer: You can purchase online or come to our store to buy fresh cut flowers, plants, blooming plants, decorative trees, silk flowers, floral decor, vase flower arrangements, bulk flowers, flowers for weddings, funeral and sympathy flowers. We have a large selection of roses, lilies, gerberas, orchids, carnations, daisies, tulips and more.

Question: Do you offer free flower delivery in Ottawa?

Answer: Yes, we offer free delivery to Ottawa hospitals, funeral homes, churches and cemeteries. We also offer a free flower delivery to anywhere in Ottawa if you place your order 2 days in advance.

Question: Where is Ottawa Flowers Inc. located?

Answer: Ottawa Flowers Inc. is located in the Ottawa Business Park off St. Laurent boulevard at the corner of Conroy Rd and Thurston Drive. We have been at this location since 2004.

Question: What are appropriate occasions to send flowers for?

Answer: You can send flower for virtually any occasion. Flowers have been used as a gift or to convey an emotion for centuries and have become the standard and accepted way to demonstrate love, care, sympathy, joy, sadness, romance, admiration, triumph and more.

Question: Is sending flowers to Ottawa expensive?

Answer: Sending flowers is not as expensive as you might think. Consider this; you go online, find a beautiful bouquet and in few clicks you place an order to be delivered across the city. Our base delivery charge is $10 but there is different delivery fee depending on the distance to the recipient's address.

Question: What info do I need to send flowers?

Answer: To be able to send flowers you will need to have the full address of the recipient, including the street address, the postal code, their phone number and time of day when they will be able to receive the flowers. If they have a mobile phone, it would be good for us to have it as it may help avoid issues with wrong address, misspelled street names or other unforeseen circumstances.

Question: Do you use curriers to deliver flowers throughout Ottawa?

Answer: We have our own specialty delivery trucks that are temperature regulated. Flowers must be kept in a cool environment for them to be at their freshest and prolong their life-span. During a delivery cycle, a floral arrangement may spend up to several hour in a delivery truck depending on the number of deliveries and their destination. A regular vehicle is not suitable for flowers deliver as it does not provide the necessary conditions for proper flower care during transportation.

Question: How do I pay to send flowers?

Answer: You can pay by using a major Credit Card, Interac Transfer, PayPal or BiCoin. If have ordered with us before and your account is in good standing, we could send the flowers without payment and bill you later by invoice.

Question: How long will the flowers in a vase last?

Answer: Depending on the flowers in the vase they could last between a week to several weeks at a time. Some long-lasting blooms are known to last for few months if properly cared for and kept in cool environment out of direct sun light.

Question: Can I send flowers to a hospital in Ottawa?

Answer: Flowers can be sent to any of the Ottawa area hospitals: Ottawa General Campus, Civic Hospital, Riverside, Monfort Hospital, CHEO, Hôpital Saint-Vincent Hospital, University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa Cancer Center, Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital, Queensway Carleton Hospital. When sending flowers to a hospital you need to consider the patient's ward and condition. Some hospitals do not allow scented flowers and gifts as well as cut flowers without a vase. Some access to patient is restricted so you need to know if a flower deliver person can reach them or flowers may need to be left at a reception desk to be distributed brought to the patient's room or bed. Call the hospital so you can find out if there is any special instructions regarding the patient condition that will prevent them from receiving any flowers or gifts.

Question: Can I send flowers to a funeral home in Ottawa?

Answer: Funeral and sympathy flowers can be a appropriate way to express our feelings of sorrow or empathy with the family or friends for the loss of a loved one. This could be a difficult time for any one especially if they are a close to the deceased. When sending funeral or sympathy flowers you need to be aware of the exact time of service, where it is being held and the proper time to have the flowers sent so that the funeral director can have ample time for arranging the flowers according to the in-house rules. Make sure you place your order at least 3 days in advance so that your florist is able to have all necessary flowers and containers as well as make arrangements with he cemetery or the funeral home for the delivery time.

Question: What are appropriate flowers for sympathy and funeral?

Answer: What type of flowers you send to a funeral home or a church depends on your relationship with the deceased and the family. If the service is for a family member, we recommend a funeral casket spray, wreath, standing spray or a cross. For more impact you can include a custom ribbon with a message to underline your last Goodbye. If you are friend of the family, you might go with a traditional one-sided arrangement in a traditional pot in white, soft pinks and cream colours for a lady and white, red and blue for a male. Speak to your florist and they will guide you if you have a specific request regarding type of flowers, coulours and design. Make sure you contact a florist that will provides a free consultation with no obligations.

Question: Can I send flowers to be delivered at a specific time?

Answer: There are different options when it comes to flower delivery times. You can select for your flowers to be delivered before noon, in the afternoon, after 5PM or anytime options. The anytime means delivery between 9am to 6pm whenever the driver gets to it. For more specific delivery times we offer Express delivery which guarantees your flowers will be delivered within 3 hours of placing the order or you can select an Exact Time delivery which guarantees the flower delivery within 15 minutes of your selected hour. Keep in mind that each delivery option has a different price point and is depended on the recipient's address location.

Question: How many days in advance do I need to place my order for delivery?

Answer: The turn around time can vary depending on what you need. For everyday flowers, we do accept same day orders, meaning, you could place your order and can arrange to have it delivered later on that same day. Please keep in mind that there may be additional fees if there are time restrictions. For specific/rare flowers, it’s always good to place your order a week in advance. We have weekly shipments of fresh flowers, therefore, if we happen to be sold out of a certain type of flower when you place your order, there is still time to add it to our following week’s flower shipment and still have the flowers delivered on time. For funeral orders, it is the same idea, though most of time pieces include more common types of flowers, it’s always good to place your order 4-6 days in advance to give our designer’s the opportunity to give your requested piece the time and attention it deserves. Funeral pieces can be very large and require a lot of design time. As for specialty plants and trees, we require a 2 weeks advance as they can be a little tricky to locate, and once we’ve located one, we need time to get it imported. We require 2 weeks notice for artificial arrangements as well. For all edible items, we require a 24 hour notice. All of our produce is bought fresh, therefore, we do not keep any in store and only buy as we need.

Question: What is the difference between as shown size, deluxe size, premium size and royal size bouquets?

Answer: The as shown size is a correct depiction of the image on our website. We will create the arrangement as close as possible to the shape, style, colour schema and container used as it is on the image. If we do not have some of the flowers we will substitute with similar or higher quality flowers to complement the arrangement. The deluxe Size is roughly double the size of the as shown where we include more of the same flowers, in the same colours and style as the as shown size. In case where the container does not allow for more flowers we will replace the container or vase with a larger one to accommodate the extra flowers. The premium size is identical to the deluxe simply with a lot more flowers and a larger container that will make the arrangement more impressive and will create a lasting impression. The design is kept close to the original floral concept as mush as possible. Keep in mind that when the size of an arrangement is increased, the design may have to be adapted to the fact that it includes more stems and blooms. The royal size is at least 3 times larger then the as shown size and is designed to wow the recipient. The container is surely to be upgraded to a larger one as well as the quantity of the blooms. In most cases, simply using more of the same flowers is not enough for a royal size arrangement but rather we will deploy more expensive and high end blooms. the general colours will be kept to conform to the as shown size.

Question: Where in Ottawa do you deliver flowers?

Answer: We deliver flowers seven days a week and during some holidays. We use specialty designed vehicles with internal floral refrigerators to keep the flowers fresh and long lasting. For best results you should place the order in advance, however, we offer same day delivery throughout the Ottawa region and Gatineau. Here are the neighborhoods we deliver flowers daily: Central Ottawa, ByWard Market, Centretown, Centretown West, Downtown, The Glebe, Golden Triangle, LeBreton Flats, Lower Town, Old Ottawa East, Old Ottawa South, Sandy Hill, East end, Castle Heights, Forbes, Lees Avenue, Lindenlea, Manor Park, New Edinburgh, Overbrook, Rockcliffe Park, Vanier, Viscount Alexander Park, South end, Airport-Uplands, Alta Vista, Billings Bridge, Confederation Heights, Ellwood, Elmvale Acres, Greenboro, Hawthorne Meadows, Heron Gate, Heron Park, Hunt Club, Riverside Park, Riverside South, Riverview, Mooney's Bay Park, Sheffield Glen, South Keys, West end, Ambleside, Bel-Air Heights, Bel-Air Park, Braemar Park, Britannia, Britannia Bay, Britannia Heights, Carlington, Civic Hospital, Carleton Heights, Central Park, Copeland Park, Courtland Park, Glabar Park, Hampton Park, Highland Park, Hintonburg, Kenson Park, Island Park, Gatineau, Hull, Quebec, Aylmer, McKellar Heights, McKellar Park, Mechanicsville, Lincoln Heights, Ottawa West, Queensway Terrace North, Michelle Heights, Qualicum, Rideau View, Redwood, Tunney's Pasture, Westboro, Woodpark, Woodroffe North, Whitehaven, Gloucester, Beacon Hill, Blackburn Hamlet, Blossom Park, Carlsbad Springs, Carson Grove, Cedardale, Chapel Hill, Chateau Neuf, Convent Glen, Cyrville, Edwards, Elizabeth Park, Ficko, Findlay Creek, Gloucester Glen, Hiawatha Park, Honey Gables, Johnston Corners, Kempark, Leitrim, Limebank, Manotick Station, Orleans, Orléans Village, Orléans Wood, Pineview, Piperville, Ramsayville, Riverside South, Rothwell Heights, South Gloucester, Victory Hill, Windsor Park Village, Kanata, Beaverbrook, Bridlewood, Glen Cairn, Harwood lains, Kanata, Kanata Lakes, Kanata West, Kanata Estates, Katimavik-Hazeldean, Lakeside, Malwood, Marchhurst, Marchwood, Morgan's Grant, South March, South March Station, Strathearn, Town Centre (Kanata), Nepean, Arbeatha Park, Arlington Woods, Barrhaven, Bayshore, Bells Corners, Belltown, Borden Farm, Boyce, Briargreen, Carleton Heights, Cedarhill Estate, Centrepointe, City View, Clearview, Country Place, Craig Henry, Crestview, Crystal Bay, Crystal Beach, Davidson Heights, Fallowfield, Fisher Glen, Fisher Heights, Fraservale, Graham Park, Grenfell Glen, Hearts Desire, Hillsdale, Jockvale, Knollsbrook, Leslie Park, Longfields, Lynwood Village, Manordale, Meadowlands, The Meadows, Merivale Gardens, Navaho, Orchard Estates, Parkwood Hills, Pheasant Run, Pineglen, Qualicum, Rideau Glen, Rocky Point, Ryan Farm, Shirleys Bay, Skyline, Stonehedge, Tanglewood, Trend Village, Twin Elm, Valley Stream, Westcliffe Estates.

Where to buy flowers in Ottawa?

Question: Where to buy flowers in Ottawa?

Answer: When it comes to buying flowers in Ottawa you might think that your best bet is to go to the local market or better yet, visit the central ByWard Market downtown. That may be true, however, it is a lesser known fact that Ottawa has numerous artisan flower shops scattered across the city from Orleans to Kanata and from Westboro to River Road South areas. All of them offer a unique blend of floral design that will satisfy even the most discerning floral aficionado. Some of the smaller boutiques offer more then just floral arrangements and bouquets: local art crafts, paintings and sculptures are often displayed for sale along the blooms. The virility of flower shops in Ottawa is fueled by the diversity of the growing population and multi-cultural demographics that brings exciting and new ways to create and enjoy flowers.

How to Send Flowers in 3 Steps
Sending flowers and gifts has never been easier. With the advances of technology, customers have all they need to make a decision, place and track an order at their finger tips. Here is how you can send flowers and gifts to anyone in Ottawa in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Select your container.Step 1: Select your container. A regular glass vase or a more expensive crystal vase will make a nice impression, create a WOW factor and will allow for more fluid arrangement of the flowers. However, you may chose to have them wrapped in a cellophane or coloured paper for more effect. Either way, the first step is to decide if you would like to use a vase or not.

There are other things to consider when deciding weather to use a vase. If you select to send fresh cut flowers wrapped, you will be saving on the cost of a vase. In this case the entire value of the purchase will be gong to towards more flowers and higher quality flowers and not for the container.

Step 2: Select flowers and design style.Step 2: Select flowers and design style. Chose the flower colour scheme, combination and design. Do you like monotone floral arrangements or you are more adventurous and prefer a bright and cheery multicolor flowers mixtures. When considering flower colours, you have to take into account the recipient's taste, likes and dislikes. Also, if the flowers are being sent to a hospital or a nursing home, you may want to make sure that scented flowers are not part of your floral gift. Some places forbid heavily scented flowers like lilies, as they may be causing allergies flair ups and complications.

The way the flowers are designed could speak volumes about your intentions, feelings and emotional state as well as what your are trying to convey. A simple, classic and elegant design is never out of style but for more special occasions there is nothing wrong with going for an avanguard or crazy designs. Consult your florist and make sure you let them know your inclinations.

Step 3: Place the order online.Step 3: Place the order online. Fill out the online form and make sure you have the correct name, address and all required information so that there are no mishaps with the delivery. Make sure you know when the recipient will be at home or at the place of delivery, so that the flowers don't get returned to the flowers shop and a second attempt delivery charges may be applied.

Print you your recipe and keep it for future references if needed. If you need to make change to your order, call at least few hours before the scheduled delivery as it may not be possible to make changes to a card message and/or the product after the gift has left the store.

How to send flowers to someone I'm dating
Who is this incredible creature that has your tender heart wrapped around their finger? What is it about them that simply takes your breath away? What is it about the way they walk through the world that has you so incredibly captivated? Is it their modern approach to things? Is it their appreciation for time honoured traditions? What colours and tones do they wear? What does their interior design style look like? Are they rock star sized grandiose, or demure and minimalist?

Step 1: Do your homework! Ask yourself these questions as you daydream about the glory that is your crush. Write them down even! It's these delightful details that will help our master floral designers craft something that is guaranteed to unleash a tidal wave of butterflies. We pride ourselves in creating something that's simply perfect for the object of your affections.

They deserve only the best.

Step 2: Timing is everything. We're aiming for maximum emotional impact here. So, let's put ourselves in their shoes and imagine the context that your beloved is about to get their mind blown in. Does your person like being the center of attention? Would a large bouquet of red roses delivered to them in the middle of their work day bring the widest smile across their face? Or would they prefer to get a call from our dispatch letting them know we're tracking them down to deliver something wonderful? Also, pragmatically speaking, properly knowing where your sweetheart is, is super important to ensure your delivery is orchestrated just right.

In addition, a little more thought on your part is required, as to when in your relationship you want to deliver flowers. It's a first date at a cafe, maybe showing up with a large bouquet is coming on a little too strong. However, if they're more traditional and you've been courting them for a while, showing up at their door with a breathtaking arrangement might be a phenomenal move.

If the first date is successful, and there's a second date agreed to, then it's time to shower them in floral wonder. Start slower and smaller and then work your way up as your celestial love grows. Flowers are the perfect way to take their breath away, and leaves a lasting impact, letting them know that they're on your mind. And the feeling they inspire in you, is sweeter than the smell of roses.

Step 3: Love is a Verb! Now you're in the throes of a harmonious and passionate relationship with the angel of your dreams. And this is not the time to be complacent. This is the perfect time to establish standards and communicate through your actions, how your mate can expect to be treated. So, let's make things really simple, and establish a standing order with us. At a frequency that works for your schedule and budget, we'll have something ready to pick up or be delivered, to let your treasure know that you're paying attention, and that your affection has only grown. It's the perfect way to maintain your garden, so that your love can blossom, and endure any of life storms.

Good luck out there, and feel free to call us anytime for advice and orders.

Valentine's Day Help
How to Surprise them on Valentine's Day
1: Do the unexpected
Valentine's Day is upon us. And whether it's the date number one or one thousand, you have the celestial duty to ensure that your loved one feels like the only star in your sky. You have to surprise them. Mediocrity and the mundane the enemy of a good life, and they deserve more than that. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to create a space where you can both revel in the love you share. So, in order to surprise them, zig when you normally zag. By this we mean, do the opposite of what you normally do to nurture your romance. Are formal dinners your go to? Then find a cute pub or dive bar and grab an intimate table in the back. Do you normally like to go to the movies? Try an improv night, or go catch a play at the theatre. By breaking from the norm, you create a special and novel moment to remember. But don't forget the flowers, they're a standard for a reason.
2: Stay In/Go Away
Valentine's Day is the championship match for romance. It's your opportunity to go above and beyond for the power of love. But, no pressure though. A well thought out action will go a long way, and since they've already chosen you, it's time to be creative. Are you in a long-distance relationship? Plane ticket time. There's a reason so many romantic movies have airports in them. Or better yet show up at their door with roses. My heart is melting already. Maybe go bigger and plan a vacation for the holiday. Nothing makes a dreary mid-February winter more bearable than some time in the sun. Plan it together, and let the anticipation rise as you tick the dates off your calendar to your approaching departure. Only to spend the most romantic day of the year hand in hand walking down a perfect beach at sunset. Swoon.
Or do the complete opposite. Clean your house top to bottom. Find a gorgeous recipe online that you think your partner would love. Go out and listen to love songs as you shop for the ingredients. Swing by Ottawa Flowers and pick up your arrangement and rose petals. And here's where you win. Go find your box of old Christmas lights, and make yourself a fort. Seriously. Sheets, chairs, pillows, the whole deal. And then you serve your delicious dinner in a super cute and intimate space. Put your partners favourite movie on. And that is a Valentine's Day that they'll never forget.
3: Plan Ahead
Stress is the result of poor planning. And on a day devoted to love, who wants to feel anything less than head over heels in love? So, my dear lover, get ahead of the curve a little. Set an alert in your calendar a week prior. Make your reservations at your favourite restaurant, order your flowers, pickup your chocolates that night. It just creates more bandwidth for you, so in a relaxed state you can gush over old love letters, or click all the way back on social media and remember the times. Until the 14th that is, when you can unhurriedly create new ones.
How to Mix up your floral order
1: Does it have to be Roses?
This is a hard one for us. We love roses. However, sometimes another option is in order. Maybe your loved one prefers something else, or has a negative association to roses. That's totally fine, we have an entire jungle worth of flowers so that you can express yourself and your ocean of love. First and foremost, as you've been hanging on to their every word since you've met, you know what their favourite flower and colour of flower is. Blue Orchids? Yellow Gerbera? Birds of Paradise? No problem, we can craft a stunning, full arrangement with the flower of your choosing. Trust us to deliver something jaw dropping and smile inducing, and we'll leave the warm embraces to you.
2: Before and after
Let's be clear, you have to get your loved one flowers on Valentine's Day. Unless there's an allergy, or their family was attacked by flowers as a child, it's just required. So, with that out of the way, it doesn't mean that the 14th is the only day of the year that you can use flowers to express your undying love. Consider a lead up to Valentines, get a bouquet delivered the day before, or a week before. Or conversely, hand deliver flowers every day for a week afterwards. Make it the centre point of a theme, and make sure that every beautiful moment is accompanied by a thoughtful or playful handwritten card. Also, what about a floral delivery every month on the 14th. Make your own holiday. You're the boss, we're just here to support you.
3: Rose petals and gifts- let it linger
When you order an entrée at a restaurant, it's the main item that stands out. However, it's the sides that create the full meal. And with floral delivery it's no different. Flowers for the eyes and the nose, with a plush toy for the skin, and chocolates for the palate. Or maybe rose petals for all of the above. We have an impressive array of gifts you can add on to your order, everything from bath bombs to balloons. Send a scented candle, so that every time they light it, they're reminded of how special you think they are. Smells like victory.
Planning is everything:
1: Take notes all year
How did we ever get by without smart phones? No wonder you don't see briefcases anymore, there's an app for that. One of our favourite apps, is also one of the simplest. Your trusted notepad app. Open a new note, and then use it all year to write down things about your loved one. They see a colour that speaks to them, write it down. They mentioned that someone at work got flowers and how they loved it, write it down. Favourite anything? Write it down. So, when Valentine's Day comes around, you have an entire list of ways to blow their mind. To them, it looks no different than sending a text or an email. That little note will take tons of pressure off your shoulders, and ensure you show them just how wonderful they make you feel.
2: Pamper
A luxury is a want satisfied precisely. You want your loved one caressed, cared for, and completely care free. You want them indulged. You know your loved one well, and use the gift you send them to facilitate that calm, relaxed space. Flowers are always the most effective choice. They open the emotion. A floral arrangement is, in essence, beauty for beauty's sake. It will touch anyone deeply. That's only the beginning however. Chocolates, bath products, fruit arrangements, and the list goes on longer than your imagination. Extend and deepen the moment. Give them a warm, soft world they can sink into. It feels like being loved.
3: Timing and presentation
Many of us here at the shop come from a service background. Working in restaurants and hotels, one thing remains true across the industry, excellent service is there before you know you need it. The glass of water is always full, or the bed is made before you return to your room. It's that approach that will maximize the impact of delivering flower on Valentine's Day . You know their schedule, so have flowers waiting on the desk when they return from their lunch break. Schedule a delivery for when they just get home and comfortable. Use your knowledge to their benefit.
Make memories:
1.Activities and experiences
In the Year 2020, you can click on a computer you keep in your pocket or on your wrist, click an image of a product, and that item will be at your door within 24 hours. Whatever you desire can be delivered quickly and easily. So, odds are your loved one has everything that they could ever ask for. That makes gift giving all the more challenging. One thing that can't be commodified or easily dropped off in a cardboard box is an experience. A heightened moment in time that lives in their memory forever. What inspires your loved one? What experiences do they reference over and over? What moves them? Are they adventurous, and love outdoor activities? Are they foodies and delicious flavours and foods move them? You know your loved one best, and a gift card or ticket that lives inside an envelope tucked into a gorgeous bouquet made just for them will make the perfect Valentine's Day impression.
2.Sensory Gifts
We perceive the world around us, and the experience therein, through our senses. The smell of our mother's perfume, the sound of an ambulance siren, or the feel of a fuzzy pair of socks fresh from the dryer. These moments transport us through time and space to another place entirely, and you dear Valentine's Day aficionado, can use this wonderful feature of the universe to your benefit. Flowers always lead, as bright colours have a provable, positive effect on the human psyche. Research colour theory to see how potent this can be. Follow that up with scent and feel with our phenomenal selection of bath products. Subtle lavender and warm water are an unbeatable team. Lastly, add some scented candles to your order, to extend the light and warmth throughout their home. The scent will transport them to very moment they got their delivery. It will create a feedback loop of love. And who doesn't love that.
3.Make a photo album/scrap book
This is a big investment, big reward strategy. You're going to want to start around new years for this one. Step one, get them a bouquet, write a heartfelt note, and once their done enjoying them, dry them out. Next, when your loved one is not around, go through your old memories. We're looking for mementos here; old boarding passes, pamphlets, concerts, or maybe go a step above and get a menu from their favorite restaurant. Now it's time for some pictures. For bonus points, download your favourite pictures from social media onto a usb and take them into a printer or photo developer to have them printed on old school glossy photo stock. At the same time get the actual scrap book itself. Start from the furthest point in time and then assemble it to reach today. Also, it may be worth buying an instant camera, and blank scrapbook so you can both take pictures and add to it as the year passes. Either way, watch their eyes well up as they relive the story of your love.
Relationship Stages and Appropriate Gifts:
1. Just started dating
We can change fractions into decimals, find the angles of triangle, and create breathtaking spreadsheets. But what kind of flowers do you get for someone that you just started dating for Valentine's Day?! Who teaches us these things? Master Floral Designers, that's who. So, fear not, just like any floral delivery, we've got you covered.
If you've just started dating someone, and Valentine's Day is arriving, the key is to get flowers delivered but not go over the top. So as a boundary, let's say a dozen red roses delivered to their work is as far as you should go. But of course, this depends on the individual. For something a little lower key, try a bouquet with 3-5 red roses in it. They should be red or pink to signal your romantic intent, but not traditional enough to make them feel uncomfortable. If roses aren't their thing, a suitable alternative is orchids. They're exotic, brightly coloured, and can be the star of more contemporary designs.
2. Post "I love you"
The sky is the limit my friend. You want to go for a dozen deep red long stem roses at a minimum. Chocolates, yes. Rose petals, yes. Handwritten card, of course. At this stage in a relationship, flowers should be an actor in an ensemble cast. This award winning motion picture has a theme, is personalized with memories and affection, is soft and inviting, and has amazing music. Love your person in the best way you know how. They're worth the effort.
3. Last minute ideas
Wait, what?! Valentine's Day is today?! You're going to want to come into the shop and purchase something in store. Our designers are on fire on Valentine's Day and can create you something beautiful and custom, or you can choose something they've created from the display. In addition, take a wander around the store, and grab some chocolates, a plush toy, and a bag of rose petals. Also, DO NOT FORGET to handwrite something beautiful on one of our designer cards. It will be a keepsake they cherish forever. Call ahead to your favourite restaurant and order their favourite meal for takeaway. And then walk into your home triumphantly, and fall into the arms of the person you're lucky enough to love.
Valentines Day Q&A
How do I order Valentine's Day flowers?
In advance. You order them well before the rush. Our phones and online order system start going crazy typically on the 11th of February. If you think about the journey of a dozen roses, typically they're grown in Latin America, and then transported priority to a flower auction, where they're purchased in bulk by wholesalers. From there the wholesalers sells them to us. This all typically happens within the span of a week. We then purchase bulk orders, and store them in our climate controlled floral fridge. This balances the moisture and temperature of the flowers. Once you've placed your order, we remove the necessary flowers, clean them, arrange them and then package them. They're then given to our delivery department, where your flowers are placed in a refrigerated truck and delivered to the place and time of your choosing. It's a pretty intensive process.
Ordering in advance guarantees that your arrangement will be ready in store or delivered on February 14th, it also gives us the opportunity to ensure that you get exactly what you want, as we have time to bring in exotic flowers or specific varieties well before the special day. But most importantly, it relieves your stress, knowing that a very important item has been crossed off your to do list.
What do I order for Valentines Day?
Roses. Typically, red roses, but you can be as creative as the epic love you share. Perhaps your person doesn't like roses, that's totally fine. We typically recommend orchids, or gerbera in that scenario. Or, hopefully, you know their favourite flower and colour, and we can create a breathtaking arrangement around that. The important thing is that you're giving them a gift that is beautiful and expresses your emotion through action.
Another factor that may sway your Valentine's Day decision, is how long you've been together. You might want to put three to five red roses in a mixed bouquet with chocolates, if you're just beginning your relationship, or you may want to deliver a dozen red roses for each day of the week if you've been in love for years. Your order should not only reflect how you feel, but also who you are as a person. A person that happens to be in love.
Do I send my Valentine's Delivery to their office or home?
It depends. Who doesn't love a public spectacle based on how beloved they are. The call that pauses their day for a moment to come and collect the delivery. Co-workers stopping by your loved one's desk fawning over the beautiful arrangement. Them gazing at this gorgeous creation as the count the hours down until you're reunited. That's as romantic as it gets.
Unless they don't work in an office. Or they don't have a desk. Or they have a long commute home. Two dozen roses is breathtaking, but can be a little much on a packed train at rush hour. It also depends on your plan for the evening. Imagine them decompressing at home and then a beautiful delivery arrives, it could be the perfect moment for them. Something that transitions them from a banal Friday at the office, to the most romantic weekend of their life.
How do order the perfect gift for my loved one?
Know their love language. For Valentine's Day let's take a look at the psychology of love in human beings. It's starts with communication theory. Basically, the process of communication starts in your mind. You have a thought that you want to share with your loved one. From there you encode that thought into speech. It travels over a channel, either the air between you, or the phone, or the email, they then receive that message. They then decode that message, and hopefully the message gets across.
But with something as amorphous and beautiful as love we have to take it a step further. And that's where the five love languages come in to play. The first love language is receiving gifts. A floral delivery is perfect for this. Do they light up when you have a present, or is Christmas or a birthday their favourite holiday? You're in love with someone who decodes "I love you" when receiving a gift. The second is quality time. Does your partner love being invited out, do they smile widest on date night? Do they make deep eye contact while discussing their hopes and dreams late into the night? That a quality time love language speaker without a doubt. The third love language is words of affirmation. Does your person go gooey for compliments, and live to ask your opinion on their life? Does chatting on the phone fill up their heart? That's a words of affirmation love language. The fourth love language is acts of service. Does it mean the most to them when you take out the garbage or do the laundry? When you pay for dinner, or open doors for them? Those actions make this type of love language simply purr. Fifth, and lastly, is physical touch. After a long, hard day, does your person come in for a long hug? Are they a devout snuggler? Always cozying into you, holding hands, or draping their arms over your shoulders? Human connection is what fuels this type.
And that's a little psychology lesson for you to use, so you can better know how your person receives love. Let that guide you when choosing your order from us.
Can I send flowers to anyone on Valentines day?
Yes, please do. Flowers anytime, are the perfect way to show and share emotion. That's why the floral industry has thrived for centuries. Valentine's Day can be a difficult time for people. People that are single for a myriad of reasons, can often feel lonely in the face of so much romantic focus. And that's hard.
However, there are as many types of love as there are types of flowers. Unconditional love knows no bounds. A lovely gesture to a single friend, or family member can go a long way. Flowers to nieces and nephews, or sons and daughters can mean so much as well. Just an act that show that someone is being thought about, and is cared about, can make an entire world of difference.