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Indoor plants and what is the right one for your hom

Your home should be a vibrant indoor jungle! At least that's how we feel here at Ottawa Flowers. Bringing the beauty of nature to our homes and workplaces subtly adds so much to our energy and overall well-being every day. By greening our spaces, we're reminded of our connection with nature. This puts us more at ease, which helps us to not only be more creative, but also helps us keep the various pressures in our lives in check. And we want the same for you.

It begins in the home. There's a major satisfaction that comes along with seeing a plant under your care flourish, grow, and even blossom. It becomes a ritual, heading to the sink to fill up the watering can, talking to your indoor plants, adjusting them, removing dead leaves, and noticing how they change over the seasons. That fifteen-minute process has been shown to have great health benefits, ranging from higher air quality to lowering blood pressure and increasing your calm and focus. It's a labour of love, with great benefits.

So, you're looking around your office or home, picturing a perfect spot for your plants and thinking where do I begin? Well, here are some of our favourite plant types that we have in home and in stock that we're absolutely in love with:


This plant is amazing. Deep green heart shape leaves, cascade down, adding much needed colour to any corner of your house, condo, or apartment. They don't like direct sunlight, so be sure to place them somewhere appropriate. This is great gift as well, as it only needs to be watered every few days, basically when the top few centimetres of soil feels dry. Ease of care and lush hanging foliage make this a great starter plant.

Umbrella Tree (Schefflera Amate)

This miniature tree is a favourite because it grows well in a variety of conditions with relative ease. In anything but direct sunlight, and this tree will grow from a central trunk and flourish with oval pointed leaves. Just be careful to keep it out of the reach of pets, as this plant can be toxic to our four legged friends.


Those small pudgy plants that we adore. They are a water storing plant that comes from high altitude regions with a small amount of rainfall. Succulents come in a mind-blowing array of colours and shapes, which make them perfect centrepoints for the dish gardens we love to design and play with, from small pots or large terrariums. Just a little water every 3-4 days and let them bring beauty to washrooms, bedrooms, desks, and anywhere else you need natural flower inspiration.

Monstera Deliciosa:

The name alone could land this gorgeous plant on our list. But this giant leafed plant, with its dark green colour and wide canopy gives this entry a special place on our shelves. Its large leaves look fantastic in front of white back drops, or solid coloured walls. These beauties only need to be watered weekly, or when the first few centimetres of soil feels dry to the touch. Another reason to love the Monstera Deliciosa is its other name: the Swiss Cheese Plant.

This brief list is only the beginning however, as we have so, so many more choices in store to suit any design taste or level of experience. Our top priority is ensuring that no matter the choice that you get only the healthiest and most beautiful type of plant available. We feel it's important that all of the health, aesthetic, and psychological benefits of plants play a part in your world, the same way they play a starring role in ours.

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