New Birth

The Arrival of a New Baby: A Special Occasion

You get a call or text, or maybe see it on a Facebook post. There's a new baby coming!!! Time flies by: pictures of ultrasounds, conversations about weird cravings and hopes and dreams, support calls, and finally the baby is coming! Of course you want to show your support to the new parents, so a call to Ottawa Flowers is in order. But what to get and how to send it? Let us lend you a hand in sending your congratulations with flowers.

First off, sending flowers to celebrate the birth of a new child is a classic way of expressing your warm wishes. The new parents will be spending a lot of time at home, so having a beautiful arrangement that not only contributes to a calm and soothing environment, but also shows your support is a great gift idea.

The first decision to make is whether to send flowers to the hospital, or the home, or both. If you decide to send flowers to the hospital, you'll want to send the flowers with same day delivery shortly after the new baby is born. If there are complications, wait until the baby is healthy to send your bouquet or arrangement.

The next decision revolves around preferences. You're going to want to reach out to the new parents or someone close to them to see if they have any allergies, or issues with the fragrance that certain flowers emit. Once you've gotten those specifics out of the way it's time to decide what you want to send.

If the parents have a more traditional mindset, then the common palette is pink for girls, and blue for boys. Common flowers are roses, tulips, carnations, lisianthus and boulevardia, usually in a fun type of container in the shape of a truck or an animal. Non-traditional palettes are white, yellow, and rainbow, with a neutral colour container.


As this is a joyful expression, it's definitely worth stopping into Ottawa Flowers to hand write a note of encouragement and support. You can also further personalize your delivery with non-latex balloons, baby toys, fruit and gourmet baskets, and chocolate. Sending a basket is also a great idea as the new parents are now busy forever, and the snacks they contain require no prep time. Just eat and enjoy.

Once again, the expertise of our floral design team can't be understated. They've done so many new birth arrangements that a five-minute conversation will turn into the perfect bouquet delivery. They can also help you choose the appropriate vase or container, so that the household has one less thing to worry about between changing diapers and adoring their newest family member.

Also, here's a list of all the hospitals in Ottawa for reference, just in case.

Ottawa Hospital - General Campus: 613-722-7000 501 Smyth Rd. Ottawa, Ontario K1H8L6

Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus: 613-722-7000 1053 Carling Ave. Ottawa, Ontario K1Y4E9

Ottawa Hospital - Riverside Campus: 613-722-7000 1967 Riverside Dr. Ottawa, Ontario K1H7W9

Queensway-Carleton Hospital: 613-721-2000 3045 Baseline Rd Ottawa, Ontario K2H8P4

Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre: 613-260-1441 2260 Walkley Rd. Ottawa, Ontario K1G6A8

Monfort Hospital: 613-746-4621 713 Montreal Rd. Ottawa, Ontario K1K 0T2

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