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Important tips & tricks to keep your flowers fresh and extend the blooms life-time.

Bouquet Care and Maintenance:

It begins with a knock on the door, or maybe reception lets you know that there's a delivery for you. And with great excitement you get to unwrap a gorgeous delivery from Ottawa Flowers. It's wonderful when someone in your life expresses their sentiment through stunning flowers, or a beautiful plant arrangement. It's an important moment, one that you can extend through the proper care and maintenance of your arrangement.

Here's how:

Fresh Cut Flowers


If arriving in a vase, remove the bouquet wrapping and enjoy. If you receive a fresh cut bouquet, cut the stems diagonally one to two inches from the bottom, and avoid using scissors as they can crush the stems inhibiting proper water absorption.

Afterwards, fill a clean vase or container with lukewarm water adding the flower food mixture, and place the arrangement within, ensuring that the stems are submerged.


Avoid placing flowers close to drafts and high temperatures, or full sunlight, as this can cause them to prematurely wilt. Flowers last longest in cool conditions. Remove dead or wilting foliage or flowers from the arrangements. Clean the vase, and replace the water and flower food mixture every other day, or when you notice the water has become cloudy. Flower delivery service

Avoid placing flowers or arrangement near cigarette smoke and fresh fruit, as they emit ethylene gas which will cause flowers to wilt prematurely. If flowers came in a basket or container with foam, add fresh water daily.


People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.
Iris Murdoch

Blooming and Green Plant Care


Unwrap your plant.

Place it in a location with bright light and moderate temperature, but avoid intense and direct sun.


Soil should remain moist to the touch, if it feels dry, water the plant thoroughly. Depending on your plant, expect to do so every 2-3 days.

Place the plant on a dish or saucer to minimize water leaking through.

Place the plant in a conspicuous place in the room, to avoid damaging it, spilling the soil, and ensuring it stays out of reach of children and animals.

Wipe leaves as needed with a damp cloth to remove any collected dust.

Remove leaves or blooms that are wilting or dead, and remove fallen vegetation from the soil when necessary to avoid pests or disease.

Keep in mind that plants grow with the seasons, so get to know your specific plant and its natural blooming rhythm.

All plants and dish gardens come with a label describing the species of the plant, and it is worth a quick search as some may be toxic to people or animals if consumed. The following is a list of common plants that are potentially dangerous if consumed:







Mother-In-Law's Tongue (Snake Plant)



Orchids are typically placed in bark mulch, which is not as dense as potting soil. As to not drown the roots, you'll want to water your orchid sparingly. Once a week during the winter, and twice a week during the hot, dry summer should suffice. Place the orchid pot on a plate, or in a bowl, and add water directly to those containers instead of the interior of the pot. You can even place a couple of ice cubes into the pot to slowly water your orchid. And as with all plants, keep your orchid out of direct, intense sunlight, but within a well-lit room.

Special Bouquets and Arrangements

Corsages and Boutonnieres:

Unwrap the corsage.

Mist blooms with water.

Place them in a covered container or plastic bag.

Place arrangement in a cool, dark, and dry area.

Another tip is to never place flowers in a non-floral fridge as temperatures and humidity can vary greatly, and can end up damaging your arrangement.


Store out of direct sunlight.

Moist wreath daily.

Water foam daily.

Store in a container or plastic bag to maintain moisture.

Refrigerate until needed.

And there you have it!

Follow the above tips to develop an amazing green thumb that can keep your flowers and plants beautiful and healthy. And as always, feel free to contact Ottawa Flowers with any questions regarding your bouquets and plants, or to order from our large range of options and spread the love to those you care about from the office to the holidays. Send flowers and gifts today.

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