Graduations and Prom

Graduation and prom flowers and traditions.

The end of youth and beginning of adulthood is a unique and remarkable moment in one's life. it symbolizes the transition from an era of innocence into an time of experience. In western culture, this passage is celebrated within two ceremonies: graduation and prom. High school is a time when youth discover themselves, separate themselves from the family home, make important decisions, maybe fall in love for the first time, and complete studies in order to prepare them to earn their place in the wide world. Graduation is a ceremony that celebrates their academic achievements, and prom follows, in order to celebrate the friendships they've made. And as with any celebration, flowers play an integral part in commemorating this triumph.

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For the graduation ceremony, flowers traditionally play the part of adornment. With that being said, there are a wide range of options to choose from in decorating the graduate. A fresh cut bouquet is a perfect choice, as our florists can match the graduate's favourite flowers with the school's colours. Carnations are the most popular flower choice, however, you can let your preferences guide you, as the key is to personalize the bouquet as much as possible. Another more striking option is to have a lei made. Lei's are a type of wearable arrangement that originate from Polynesian culture. They are worn during rituals and ceremonies to adorn and dignify. Typically, Lei's are usually made from one type of flower, but this provides our florist's an opportunity to play with colours and patterns.

If you're having a graduation party, then centrepieces and arrangements in vase are the way to go. You'll want to use brighter colours; whites, pinks and yellows will suit the task perfectly, as that palette represents growth and joy. Once again match the graduate's favourite flowers with their school colours and you've won. Also keep this in mind if you're sending congratulatory flowers from afar.

Prom, shortened from Promenade, was a ceremony first developed at colleges in the Northeastern United States in the 1800s. The original purpose of Prom was to promote social etiquette amongst young people. It remained a regional custom, until the post war 1940s, where youth culture surged and prom took its current form as a celebration of the social connections gained from school life. In the contemporary form of prom, women wear corsages pinned to their dresses. Depending on the style of dress however, corsages can be created and worn as a wrist band, as a hairpiece, or around the waist. A key driver of this decision is the durability, as the corsage should be durable enough to last over a night of dancing and celebration. The colour and type of flower vary with personal preference, but a single rose with a spray of baby's breath is the traditional choice. Usually all the flower colour choices revolve around the colour of the prom dress. For men, boutonnieres that match a date's corsage are pinned to a suit lapel. A fresh cut bouquet is given as a symbol of affection between partners before the couple leaves to the celebration.

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In addition, to make ordering prom flowers as easy as possible, corsages and boutonnieres are ordered in advance and at the same time, so that colours and flowers can match exactly. Once you receive your order you'll want to store them overnight in the fridge, away from fruits and vegetables to ensure that they remain fresh and vibrant for this once in a lifetime celebration.

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