Symbolism & Meaning of Flower Colours

Flower arrangements have long been a way of expressing your feelings for somebody through a visual medium. The combination of different coloured flowers can evoke emotion from the recipient, but how do you know which coloured flowers send the right message? Good question.

Here at Ottawa Flowers, we pride ourselves on providing top quality floral arrangements to our customers, that send the perfect message. We have put together a simple guide about the symbolism and meaning of different flower colours so when you are making your floral selections moving forward, you are properly informed so you can give your loved ones everything they deserve.

What Is The Meaning Of Each Flower's Colour?

From virginal, innocent white flowers to chic, modern black flowers, our guide to symbolism and meaning behind each flower colour will help you choose the perfect arrangement for any occasion. Read through our simple guide below to make sure the arrangement you are creating sends the perfect message no matter what.

What Do Orange Flowers Mean?

Orange flowers typically represent warmth and happiness. You will often see orange floral arrangements in fall for thanksgiving celebrations, or even outdoor autumnal weddings as flower arrangements for the guests' tables to create a rustic welcoming atmosphere. We offer so many options for orange floral arrangements, however, we have selected one that will really make a statement for your occasion!
The Abundant Harvest Basket is a versatile, beautiful orange floral arrangement that is perfect to bring as a host gift for your family's Thanksgiving to add warmth to your host's home. The vibrant and welcoming colour story of the basket is sure to impress, making it one of our most popular autumnal floral arrangement options.
Order yours now to make a splash at your family's next get-together, or even to add some colour to your own home's kitchen or living room!

What Do Purple Flowers Mean?

Purple flowers represent royalty, as well as being enchanted with your lover. Purple bouquets are the perfect option to show your loved one just how much they mean to you on anniversaries or even Valentine's Day without choosing a classic colour palette such as red and white. The varying shades of purple our flowers come in when combined will create a beautiful, rich statement for your loved one and show them how valued and special they really are. When it comes to purple bouquets, we have the perfect option for you.

The Splendid Day Bouquet combines rich, dark purples with understated lilac selections to create an elegant, lush effect making it the perfect option for a surprise anniversary dinner outdoors or even as a "just because" surprise for any day of the year! Make sure to order yours, as this option frequently sells out due to the enchanting effect it has.

What Do White Flowers Mean?

White flowers have long been a symbol of purity and innocence. Traditionally you will see white floral bouquets being used in wedding ceremonies by the bride while she is walking down the aisle. Here at Ottawa Flowers, we have dozens of bouquet arrangements to choose from, but here is our favourite option for a white bridal bouquet.

Our White Rose Bouquet is the most elegant bridal bouquet for a traditional wedding. Using only the freshest white roses, your wedding will stand out with this simple, classy white rose bouquet. Don't wait, order your bouquet for your special day now!

What Do Pink Flowers Mean?

Pink flowers, similar to red flowers represent love. However, pink flowers are frequently used in women's funeral processions to represent calmness, affection for the person who has moved on, and subtle, elegant femininity. We have dozens of options for pink floral arrangements and easels, but this is our magnum opus.
The Lovely Tribute Bouquet is a gorgeous, elegant floral bouquet to express your love, and respect for a loved one. This is a perfect option for a funeral procession because it is not overstated, and doesn't take away from the message of love and respect you are trying to convey to your loved one and their family on such a sensitive day. Order the Lovely Tribute Bouquet to make a beautiful, respectful statement.

What Do Black Flowers Mean?

Black flowers have been seen as a symbol of mourning for a very long time, however, more recently people have "rebranded" black flowers' significance to be a symbol of modern luxury. You will often see black flower arrangements used at charity events and even weddings hosted by affluent members of our community. The chic contrast from traditional floral arrangements provides a sense of individuality and regality. We offer many floral arrangements here at Ottawa Flowers, however, our black floral offering has been rising in popularity by the day!
Black Eternal Roses are a beautiful option for somebody trying to make a statement at their event and set themselves apart from the pack. Our Black Eternal Flowers can be used multiple times and maintain their pristine, luxurious appearance. Don't hesitate, order your Black Eternal Roses now!

What Do Yellow Flowers Mean?

Yellow flowers have historically represented joy and friendship. They are an excellent option to gift a close friend to make their day that much better. Yellow flowers are often seen in spring floral arrangements and are an exceptional gift for a close friend, for a housewarming, or even on a normal day to brighten up a living space and provide positive energy in the room, they are placed. Here at Ottawa Flowers, we have just the yellow floral bouquet for you!

The Glowing Ray Bouquet is a gorgeous, vibrant option to celebrate a close friend or loved one! With the dramatic selection of greenery included in this arrangement, it is certain to make an impact and won't be soon forgotten. Order yours today to show a close friend just how special they are to you, and how happy you are to have them in your life. Ottawa Flowers - Find The Right Colour For Every Occasion! Here at Ottawa Flowers, we are prepared to help you put together the perfect arrangement for any occasion. Whether it be prom night or even your wedding day, Ottawa Flowers has you covered with our expansive selection of floral arrangements!

Don't hesitate to contact us today and we can find you the most beautiful floral arrangement with the perfect colour story for any occasion! Simply select the floral arrangement you desire, pay through our on-site payment portal and you can have your order delivered as early as later that same day. It's that easy!

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