Nurse Practitioners Week

Nurse Practitioners Week in Ottawa.

We deliver so many of flowers to hospitals. Probably the only van there more than we are, is an ambulance. Get well soon bouquets, new born arrangements, and all sorts of joyful bouquets to lift the spirits of those in care. Spending so much time there, you develop a connection to the community. The friendly security guard at the front desk, the receptionists at triage, the doctors who move through the hospital like bumblebees over a field of daisies, and our favourites, the nursing staff. November 11th to 17th is Nurse Practitioner Week and we're going all in, as we celebrate our beloved NP's.

For those who aren't familiar with the nurse practitioner role in the health services, tie up your gown, cause these professionals are the glue that holds the hospital together. Firstly, Nurse Practitioners must have a minimum of a Masters Degree in nursing, as well as a board certification. This in-depth education prepares them to work in every facet of the health care spectrum. You can find them in primary care (hospital wards and clinics), acute care (emergency and trauma care), and long term care (nursing homes and supported living facilities). From there, as with doctors, they specialize in a particular area and get down to the business of healing.

The daily role of the Nurse Practitioner varies depending on the context, but they typically (according to

Write prescriptions Diagnose and treat acute infections, injuries, and illnesses Conduct and order diagnostic tests (EKGs, MRIs, X-rays) Record and study a patients' medical history, diagnoses, and symptoms Talk to patients about effectively managing their health and designing treatment plans Provide guidance to patients regarding medications, side effects, and drug interactions

But the role of our venerable NP doesn't stop there, and this is what makes them truly unique in health care.

They focus on the holistic condition of the patient.

That means their practice involves a deep look into illness prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and then counselling and education. Whereas a doctor will set and cast your broken leg, a Nurse Practitioner will suggest you limit your extreme cliff jumping, tell you about what type of fracture it is and other possible injuries or warning signs, and then recommend other extreme sports you may want to explore. It's a true wrap around experience, one that prioritize overall health outcomes.

But wait, Nurse Practitioners don't stop there. In order to keep their accreditation current, they're responsible for completing research and publishing studies to keep the health world progressing forward. Nurses have been responsible for the creation of some of the most useful processes and techniques that have saved lives the whole world over. The crash cart, colour coded IV lines, feeding tubes, and sanitary pads, are some examples of the impact they've made in the healing arts.

So maybe, if you find yourself visiting our website or phoning in to place a delivery, you add another gorgeous bouquet or arrangement to your order for the Nurse Practitioner caring for your loved one. They are the unsung heroes of the medical field, filling traditional gaps to provide people with a clear path to wellness. And coming back to the nursing station or office to be greeted by a breathtaking bouquet is guaranteed to end in a smile, and that smile travels, from floor to floor, patient to patient.

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