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Living Walls: How to and benefits

This isn't your office. This is your castle. Your organization is engaged in an epic struggle against market forces. Its strong walls keep your beloved staff safe, productive, and inspired. It lets your clients know that the trust they confide in you will be held in good hands. You spend the majority of your time in this space. Meetings, composing emails, entertaining, and well, working. But we are not machines. We are not robots who mindlessly and dispassionately move from task to task. We crave nature, we adore beauty, and we infuse life into everything we do. Your work environment should reflect this.

So it's with great pride that we've introduced a new service here at Ottawa Flowers:

Living Walls.

Based on contemporary European interior design principals, we choose the perfect wall in your office space and create a living, breathing, thriving vertical garden. First we consult with you to understand your vision and motivation behind how your work space looks and feels. Once we're confidently on the same page, it's time for us to do our thing. We use reclaimed materials, such as untreated wood, to create shelves to stage the myriad of plants that are soon to inhabit your new living wall. From there we take a light reading of the room, and use that to choose beautiful, vibrant, and exotic plants that will thrive, grow, and maybe even blossom in their new home. Installation happens quickly, cleanly, and easily, over the next few days, and afterwards you have a statement piece that has forever changed your work environment.

Employees are greeted with lush and dramatic colour, with proven benefits of lowering stress, improving creative problem solving, increasing productivity, while reducing absenteeism. The health benefits expand from there, as living walls act as natural air filters. Thousands of leaves purify the environment, improving the air quality that was once recycled through long distances of HVAC systems and dusty metal ducts. The extra oxygen boost also stimulates brain and blood function, which leads to a more energetic and relaxed day at the office.

Used strategically, living walls also act as noise reduction baffling. Long corridors move sound around in unnatural ways, adding chaotic echoing to the audible environment. This often goes unnoticed as it becomes part of everyday life, however, where does one feel calmer, in the downtown core of a of a bustling city or in a lush forest?

You might even notice a reduction in your heating and cooling costs, as living walls double as porous insulation. They retain heat in the summer, and release it in the winter. Our living wall design is based on the concept of biomimicry, the philosophy of using natural systems within human built spaces. All this aside however, they have a breath taking impact on the feel of a workspace. Every impression brings you a little closer to nature, and that's something you can use in every facet of your day.

Each living wall we install is 100% customizable and bespoke to your work context. From plant choice, to maintenance schedule, we craft every living wall with your organizational needs in mind. And with our vast inventory or plants, we can change your living wall subtly over time, or make dramatic new updates to follow the seasons. We can bring a forest into your office, and care for it as well. All you need to do take a deep, clean breath and enjoy.

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