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So you've made the decision to send flowers to someone special with Ottawa Flowers. It's guaranteed they're going to love the expression. But, whether you're ordering online, have a florist appointment, or you're calling in, you have some decisions to make as to what your flower delivery will be. There are so many options and all the colours of the rainbow to choose from, so it's completely natural to feel a little lost!

One of the fundamental questions you should ask yourself is, what type of design are you looking for? Let's use a Valentine's Day standard as an example, there are so many ways an arrangement or bouquet of a dozen roses can be presented!

A flower blossoms for its own joy.
-Oscar Wilde

Let's go through some of the floral design types:

Classic Design:

Classic means classic. Think about a dozen lush red roses with baby's breath and greens. A dome shaped arrangement well balanced between blooms and greens sitting in a traditional glass vase. When in doubt, this is the safest option to choose as it satisfies expectations with a breath taking classic arrangement. If you want to create a moment that makes someone the feel like the star of a Hollywood movie, a classic arrangement is the way to go.

Modern/Minimalist Design:

Florists absolutely adore creating modern/minimalist designs. These types of floral arrangements are directed at a more creative and forward-thinking recipient. They rely on subtly accenting the natural beauty of individual blooms through the form of the floral arrangement. Modern/minimalist designs rely on linear and geometric design elements more than any other style, and the container acts as a frame for this dramatic work of art. This type of design is right at home in front of a floor to ceiling window that overlooks a busy cosmopolitan city.

Rustic Design:

Rustic designs speak to a rural country aesthetic. If you were to send a rustic style Valentine's Day Bouquet, expect softer toned roses accented by seasonal and wildflowers, and a few stalks of wheat and tall grass tied in twine. Containers also further this poetic view, as they can be placed in metal watering cans, woven baskets, or coffee mugs. Rustic designs are meant to evoke the feeling of a weekend getaway in lone wood cabin beside a still lake.

Vintage/Regal Design:

Vintage/Regal Designs conjure a nostalgia for the luxury of a bygone era. Your roses are accompanied by complementary coloured lilies, gerberas, and orchids that work together to create a plush, round, and full bouquet. This type of floral arrangement is made for a porcelain or painted clay vase to complete the look. The Vintage/Regal design is taken from the sophisticated culture exemplified during the roaring twenties in Paris.

Haute Couture Designs:

Do you or your recipient have a dramatic flair for over the top productions? Then the Haute Couture style is precisely for you. These floral bouquets and vase arrangements are striking art pieces in size, flower choice, and design. This is an apex moment where a floral designer's skill, experience, and creativity is put to the test. A six-foot arrangement with rainbow roses in a glowing vase? A perfect sphere of long stem maroon roses on a stand? The only boundary is the limit of your imagination! Each Haute Couture design is made to order and should involve a florist appointment either in person, over the phone, or teleconference. This design is a journey to create a truly unforgettable moment using flowers.

A weed is but an unloved flower.
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Other things to keep in mind while considering the design of your floral order:

Traditional European designs focus on the number of flowers in an arrangement. A contemporary Valentine's Day bouquet of roses would be a dozen, whereas in a European arrangement it is important that flowers come in odd numbers, in addition, they tend to be a little edgier in their design style.

The floral industry is a creative one that is always evolving, and has constantly changing trends. Something to keep in mind is that the current PANTONE Color of the Year for 2018 is 18-3838 Ultra Violet. A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.

Lastly, in order to truly wow someone with a flower delivery, it is important to keep in mind the generation they belong to. Generation Y prefers a rustic or vintage style, Baby Boomers lean towards more modern designs, while older generations prefer a classic arrangement. Send flowers and gifts today.

Hopefully this guide points you in the right direction and assists you in confidently choosing the best design style from the wide range of floral arrangements Ottawa Flowers has to offer. Feel free to call in or send an email if you have any questions. We love hearing from you and collaborating to make sure your recipient receives the perfect arrangement from Valentine's Day to everyday!

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