DIY Flowers

How to DIY Flowers for Weddings and Special Occasion

What a time to be alive! Information is flowing non-stop. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. You can do anything, learn anything, and it's all at the tip of your fingers. And of course, we here at Ottawa Flowers are excited to bring the natural beauty of flowers into your life in new, and unexpected ways.

One of our favourite things about our work, is repeat customers. Seeing warm, familiar faces and growing relationships over time brings us great joy. It allows us to prepare custom bouquets and arrangements that can put a perfect smile on a client's face. We love taking preferences and tastes learned over time, and then using that knowledge to craft stunning designs.

But you don't get to become Ottawa's premiere florist by stopping there. We've noticed our clientele has become more sophisticated, as well as curious, about the design process of behind the stunning work we produce. Our customers come in asking some very impressive questions, and we've found a new way to serve them. We accomplish this by collaborating and fostering their desire to do it themselves.

We've fallen in love with people's Do It Yourself passion! We get to share a deeper level of knowledge about the intricacies of what you see in our displays. So, we've opened up our studio, and have made all of the tools of our trade available to those with a passion for floral design. The same ribbons, containers, vases, foams, and other materials we use in our daily, award-winning work, are now available to those with a desire to begin their own design journey.

In sharing our techniques, we've come to develop a new-found camaraderie with the DIY'ers that visit us. We both speak the language of flowers. To use the spirit of an event or occasion, to inspire others while expressing ourselves. And what better gift to give someone than a floral arrangement you've taken the time to design yourself? DIY flowers can take any form that you choose. Do you have a garden that blooms and you want to share that with your loved ones? We can provide you with the basic techniques and materials to craft something amazing, and unique to you. Harvesting flowers from your home garden also lends a natural, seasonal theme to your work as well. It's an accessible and subtle touch.

We can also expertly recommend which vases or containers can work best to accomplish your vision, and give valuable insight into where they can be placed within the home, or office context, so that they can have maximum visual impact. DIY floral design, like any skill set, can go as far or as deep as you want to take it.

Also, for the more ambitious, we can work side by side with you if you want to take on DIY wedding flowers. We can provide the supplies and the support to take you through DIY Centrepieces, DIY boutonnieres, and DIY Corsages. Everything from stem threading to proper hand techniques so you don't cramp up after crafting a large number of arrangements.

Think about how impressive your social media news feed will look, think about the looks on your loved ones faces, knowing that you designed and created this wonderful gift they're receiving. We only have one life, and spending time sharing your love through flowers is a journey well worth taking. We're here for you DIY'ers!

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