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To design your dream garden, our team will sit down and select the elements that work best for you. Taking into account your lifestyle such as an outdoor entertainment area or whether there will be children and/or pets. We will work with you to ensure your dream garden comes to life. We provide you with photo catalogues so you are able to choose the flowers and plants of your liking.

We will also take into consideration the size of the site, accessibility, the sun exposure throughout the day, elevations that may effect the project.

Design Process

When a concept idea is drawn up, we can continue with recommending the design that best fits your lifestyle and budget. We like to be flexible in our designs because, in our experience, a finished landscape is rarely exactly what was initially thought up to be. Changes are frequently made throughout the design and building process to make improvements. Plants need time to grow to their expected size, this can take from one to threee years for the garden to fill up in size.

But once it fills out, we guarantee you will be happy.

Building Process

Once the client is pleased with the design, the project begins! This is where we start your dream garden so sit back and relax!

When all is complete, we will go over the project with you, explaining what type of upkeep is required. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a maintenance-free landscape, but you are in luck! If you find you dont have the time to maintain your garden remember that Ottawa Flowers also does Garden Maintenance!


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We Offer Interior & Exterior Landscape & Design


Providing our customers with creative and artistic designs of the highest quality. Our projects start with a design, and end with a quality build that you are sure to enjoy for years to come.

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Providing businesses with attractive landscapes that are designed to draw in more business with more colour and attractiveness.

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Implementing relevant, functional and sustainable designs. Assess garden areas to determine required maintenance.

  • Weekly Fresh Flower Program
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Office Plant Maintenance
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