Why Flowers?

Why Flowers Deserve a Place in your Lifestyle?


At Ottawa Flowers there's been a running joke for as long as we can remember. The designers do all the work, while the delivery drivers get all the glory. There is no comparison to the look on someone's face when they receive a beautiful bouquet, or arrangement, or gift basket, or anything from our shop really. It's the feeling that someone cares enough to express their emotion in a direct, and immediately emotional way. The unmistakable fragrance, the urgent, bold colours, the connection to nature; it's a moment that needs no words to be instantly understood. It's why we got into the business decades ago, it's what keeps us moving forward into the future. There's simply no substitute.

Flowers are uplifting. Ask Picasso, ask Monet, ask Van Gogh, ask a three year old. Flowers have the power to improve someone's mood, and not only the recipient, but anyone that looks upon them. It's such a simple but powerful gesture to make, and one that reminds us that we're cared for. And in this modern, information driven world, it carves out a special space where beauty can be enjoyed for beauty's sake. It's pure magic, simple to accomplish, and easily accessible.

Flowers can also change the feeling in a room. I mean, who doesn't want to renovate their home or office every few weeks. Flowers are a way to keep the look and feel of a space fresh, as they add a splash of colour, fragrance, and texture. One that changes the energy and ambience of these well-known environments into something magical.

Brighter colours near the front entrance of an office increases compassion and connectedness between people, and that moment of presence relates to lower blood pressure and increased attentiveness. Which can result in greater attendance and enhanced problem solving. Doesn't sound too bad does it?

It's about the value that flowers bring to everyday life. The ability to cut through the emails, texts, phone calls, meetings, family obligations and everything else that a successful life requires. Just a moment carved out by bright colours:


Red sparks feeling of love and romance, and has a positive effect on the immune system. It energizes the spirit.


Purple breathes tranquility into a room. And within that soft space you'll find the room to flex your creative muscles.


Yellow, being the brightest colour, evokes positivity and happiness. It's a symbol of friendship and openness, one that assists in memory recall and helps the nervous system.


Orange speaks to warmth and encourages togetherness. It also ties well with success and focus.


Blue is many people's favourite colour. It is regal and trustworthy. Comforting and known. It promotes peace and safety.

Green, being the universal colour of nature, creates that connection back to the source. It speaks of rebirth and vibrant life. Symbolically, progress and success belong to the colour green.



Pink, stimulates the mind and spirit, slows respiration and the heartbeat. It speaks to kindness and fondness.


White flowers are accessible. They stoke the imagination and draw out emotions of purity and honesty.

That's why Ottawa Flowers offers customized packages wherein arrangements can be delivered in the type, style, and delivery frequency of your choosing. We do this so you can maximize the value that the regular presence of flowers in your life can bring. There are so many ways that flowers can enhance your life. All it takes is the decision to make it happen.

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