i am at the spa – ultimate shower steamers set
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Spaify your shower! Our artisan shower steamers elevate you daily shower into a true spa
experience. These unique products come in 4 different scents for all your intentions and are
handcrafted from natural ingredients: such menthol crystal, baking soda, citric acid and
essential oils.
Our shower steamers are essential oil disks that are easily used by placing one on shower floor
out of direct shower stream. the shower steamer dissolves gently and releases an
aromatherapy scent. Every shower steamer will last between 1 to 3 showers depending on
shower size, duration and heat of water.
This gift set is for you, if you: • are a shower person
• love essential oil blends • need a pick me up, time to breathe or break from the daily grind.
This gift set includes: • "i am clear" eucalyptus camphor pack of 3 shower steamers • "i am so relaxed" lavender patchouli pack of 3 shower steamers • "i am breathtaking" peppermint wintergreen spearmint pack of 3 shower steamers • "i am ready for the day" orange lemon tangerine pack of 3 shower steamers
Each set is packaged and ready to gift.

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