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Design Styles:


So you've made the decision to send flowers to someone special with Ottawa Flowers. It's guaranteed they're going to love the expression. But, whether you're ordering online, have a florist appointment, or you're calling in, you have some decisions to make as to what your flower delivery will be. There are so many options and all the colours of the rainbow to choose from, so it's completely natural to feel a little lost!


One of the fundamental questions you should ask yourself is, what type of design are you looking for? Let's use a Valentine's Day standard as an example, there are so many ways an arrangement or bouquet of a dozen roses can be presented!


Let's go through the types of designs:

Classic Design:

Classic means classic. Think about a dozen lush red roses with baby's breath and greens. A dome shaped arrangement that has an evenly spread balance between blooms and greens sitting in a traditional glass vase. When in doubt, this is the safest option to choose as it satisfies expectations with a breath taking classic arrangement. If you want to create a moment that makes someone the feel like the star of a Hollywood movie, a classic arrangement is the way to go.


Modern/Minimalist Design:


Florists absolutely adore creating modern/minimalist designs. These types of floral arrangements are directed at a more creative and forward-thinking recipient. This design style subtly accents the natural beauty of individual blooms. Modern/minimalist designs rely on linear and geometric design elements, as well as grouping flowers in clusters, more than any other style, and the container acts as a frame for this dramatic work of art. This type of design is right at home in front of a floor to ceiling window that overlooks a busy cosmopolitan city.


Rustic Design:


Rustic designs speak to a rural country aesthetic. If you were to send a rustic style Valentine's Day Bouquet, expect softer toned roses accented by seasonal and wildflowers, and a few stalks of wheat and tall grass tied in twine. Containers also further this poetic view, as they can be placed in metal watering cans, woven baskets, or coffee mugs. Rustic designs are meant to evoke the feeling of a weekend getaway in lone wood cabin beside a still lake.


Vintage/Regal Design:


Vintage/Regal Designs conjure a nostalgia for the luxury of a bygone era. Your roses are accompanied by complementary coloured lilies, gerberas, and orchids that work together to create a plush, round, and full bouquet. This type of floral arrangement is made for a porcelain or painted clay vase to complete the look. The Vintage/Regal design is taken from the sophisticated culture exemplified during the roaring twenties in Paris.


Haute Couture Designs:

Do you or your recipient have a dramatic flair for over the top productions? Then the Haute Couture style is precisely for you. These floral bouquets and vase arrangements are striking art pieces in size, flower choice, and design. This is an apex moment where a floral designer's skill, experience, and creativity is put to the test. A six-foot arrangement with rainbow roses in a glowing vase? A perfect sphere of long stem maroon roses on a stand? The only boundary is the limit of your imagination! Each Haute Couture design is made to order and should involve a florist appointment either in person, over the phone, or teleconference. This design is a journey to create a truly unforgettable moment using flowers.



Other things to keep in mind while considering the design of your floral order:

Traditional European designs focus on the number of flowers in an arrangement. A contemporary Valentine's Day bouquet of roses would be a dozen, whereas in a European arrangement it is important that flowers come in odd numbers, in addition, they tend to be a little edgier in their design style.


The floral industry is a creative one that is always evolving, and has constantly changing trends. Something to keep in mind is that the current PANTONE® Color of the Year for 2018 is 18-3838 Ultra Violet. A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.


Hopefully this guide points you in the right direction and assists you in confidently choosing the best design style from the wide range of floral arrangements Ottawa Flowers has to offer. Feel free to call in or send an email if you have any questions. We love hearing from you and collaborating to make sure your recipient receives the perfect arrangement from Valentine's Day to everyday!



Bouquet Care and Maintenance:


It begins with a knock on the door, or maybe reception lets you know that there's a delivery for you. And with great excitement you get to unwrap a gorgeous delivery from Ottawa Flowers. It's wonderful when someone in your life expresses their sentiment through stunning flowers, or a beautiful plant arrangement. It's an important moment, one that you can extend through the proper care and maintenance of your arrangement.


Here's how:

Fresh Cut Flowers



If arriving in a vase, remove the bouquet wrapping and enjoy.


If you receive a fresh cut bouquet, cut the stems diagonally one to two inches from the bottom, and avoid using scissors as they can crush the stems inhibiting proper water absorption.


Afterwards, fill a clean vase or container with lukewarm water adding the flower food mixture, and place the arrangement within, ensuring that the stems are submerged.



Avoid placing flowers close to drafts and high temperatures, or full sunlight, as this can cause them to prematurely wilt. Flowers last longest in cool conditions.


Remove dead or wilting foliage or flowers from the arrangements.


Clean the vase, and replace the water and flower food mixture every other day, or when you notice the water has become cloudy.


Avoid placing flowers or arrangement near cigarette smoke and fresh fruit, as they emit ethylene gas which will cause flowers to wilt prematurely.


If flowers came in a basket or container with foam, add fresh water daily.




Blooming and Green Plant Care




Unwrap your plant.


Place it in a location with bright light and moderate temperature, but avoid intense and direct sun.




Soil should remain moist to the touch, if it feels dry, water the plant thoroughly. Depending on your plant, expect to do so every 2-3 days.


Place the plant on a dish or saucer to minimize water leaking through.


Place the plant in a conspicuous place in the room, to avoid damaging it, spilling the soil, and ensuring it stays out of reach of children and animals.


Wipe leaves as needed with a damp cloth to remove any collected dust.


Remove leaves or blooms that are wilting or dead, and remove fallen vegetation from the soil when necessary to avoid pests or disease.


Keep in mind that plants grow with the seasons, so get to know your specific plant and its natural blooming rhythm.


All plants and dish gardens come with a label describing the species of the plant, and it is worth a quick search as some may be toxic to people or animals if consumed. The following is a list of common plants that are potentially dangerous if consumed:









Mother-In-Law's Tongue (Snake Plant)





Orchids are typically placed in bark mulch, which is not as dense as potting soil. As to not drown the roots, you'll want to water your orchid sparingly. Once a week during the winter, and twice a week during the hot, dry summer should suffice. Place the orchid pot on a plate, or in a bowl, and add water directly to those containers instead of the interior of the pot. You can even place a couple of ice cubes into the pot to slowly water your orchid. And as with all plants, keep your orchid out of direct, intense sunlight, but within a well-lit room.


Special Bouquets and Arrangements

Corsages and Boutonnieres:


Unwrap the corsage.

Mist blooms with water.

Place them in a covered container or plastic bag.

Place arrangement in a cool, dark, and dry area.


Another tip is to never place flowers in a non-floral fridge as temperatures and humidity can vary greatly, and can end up damaging your arrangement.





Store out of direct sunlight.

Mist wreath daily.

Water foam daily.

Store in a container or plastic bag to maintain moisture.

Refrigerate until needed.



And there you have it!


Follow the above tips to develop an amazing green thumb that can keep your flowers and plants beautiful and healthy. And as always, feel free to contact Ottawa Flowers with any questions regarding your bouquets and plants, or to order from our large range of options and spread the love to those you care about from the office to the holidays.




Life Events: Funerals


Funerals are one of the most difficult events in life. The passing of a loved one is often marked by grief and sadness and the sending of flowers is time honoured tradition to let the family and friends of the departed know that they are supported and remain in your thoughts. Knowing the proper etiquette will go a long way to reassure you that your sentiments are communicated correctly and will end up comforting those in mourning.


The type of funeral arrangement to send is based on various factors, so here's how to navigate this difficult time:

The funeral is a ceremony designed to respectfully celebrate the life of the departed, so avoid sending balloons or plush animals, and if possible, a handwritten note goes a long way in showing your support.


If you are a member of the immediate family, then a casket spray or funeral wreath is the appropriate choice. Options for spouses, children, or parents also include sympathy crosses, table arrangements, and heart shaped arrangements.


If you are a member of the extended family or a close friend then there are a wide range of suitable options available. A traditional standing spray is a common choice, with white flowers, especially lilies, being the primary flower, as they represent purity. Larger arrangements in disposable vases are also appropriate for this occasion. These can also be transported to the cemetery following the funeral.


If you are a close to the family or deceased, options range from arrangements in baskets, vase arrangements, plants, wreaths, or standing sprays. These can be sent to either the funeral home or directly to the family's home.


If you knew the deceased as a business associate, you can also have sympathy flowers in a container sent to their workplace.


Another factor to consider is the cultural and religious context in which the ceremony is taking place:


Chinese Funerals: send white and yellow lilies or chrysanthemums, fresh or silk, arrangements to the funeral home. Red is an inappropriate colour of flower to send.


Baha'i: Primarily white arrangements are appropriate to send to the funeral home.


Buddhism: Sending primarily white flowers to the funeral home is becoming a more accepted expression, however it is best to check with a close family member to confirm whether or not the family will be accepting flowers.


Orthodox: The sending of flowers to a funeral home is a welcomed sentiment.


Hindu: The sending of a spray of funeral flowers is a welcomed gesture, however it is not traditional or required.


Judaism: Jewish traditions do not accept any form of floral arrangements, it is best to send a fruit or kosher food basket to the home of the family.


Mormon: Practitioners of this faith appreciate funeral arrangements and sprays, however do not send them in the form of a cross design.


Islam: Charitable gifts are preferred over floral arrangements, it is best to consult a member of the family prior to sending.


Christian: All Christian religions appreciate austere, primarily white floral arrangements.


Catholic: Roman Catholics will welcome all types of floral arrangements to the family home, funeral home, church or cathedral.



We at Ottawa Flowers appreciate you choosing us to be your funeral florist, and please do not hesitate to contact us for any floral delivery information or guidance with options.





Holidays: Valentine's Day


Let flower petals rain from the sky!


Release the words from a thousand poets into the first warm breeze of spring!


Sing a thousand songs to swell the hearts and invite the body to dance!


This is Valentine's Day!


24 perfect hours, painted red, pink, and purple to celebrate one thing. Our favourite thing. The best thing about our incredible human lives.


This is the day for love.


To say that the team at Ottawa Flowers is excited to help you celebrate this holiday is putting it mildly. We're crazy for Valentine's Day. We eat, breathe, and live flowers 365 days a year. It's our passion made real through the most beautiful medium we can think of. It drove us through floral design school, and it's why we get up and go work every day. To say through flowers what words cannot. And Valentine's Day is our time to show and prove our well-honed craft. It's our championship game, our mountaintop, our raison d'etre.


So let us serve you.


First and foremost, there is no substitute for sending flowers on Valentine's Day. It is a worldwide standard. One of the rare times where although someone knows the gift they're receiving, they're still surprised when they get it. It's pure magic. The question then, is how do flowers factor into your Valentine's Day celebrations?



Some ideas to get your creativity flowing:


A classic dozen red roses in a glass vase delivered your partner's workplace?

A fresh spring bouquet delivered to a cherished family member?

A modern white rose arrangement delivered to a close friend?

A Fruit Couture Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Tower?

A Fresh Fruit and Gourmet Gift Basket to a mentor?

A Dozen Long Stem Roses and a Bottle of Dior Perfume?



A Single Rose presented at the perfect time?



Consider the voyage of a single red rose. Grown in a greenhouse in distant Latin America, it is plucked days before blooming, travels thousands of miles, and is delivered fresh to us. Hands that have held thousands of flowers before, prepared with all the skill and care decades of experience can muster, and placed in glorious unity, form, space, harmony, and balance. This creates a Valentine's Day Arrangement that urgently, emotionally, and honestly conveys how you feel about the recipient. That moment is beyond words. So, we work hard to earn the privilege, and it is not something we take lightly.

Feel free to contact us by phone or online so we can help create the perfect Valentine's Day Moment for you and the special people in your life.






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